*"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life."

~ Coco Chanel


"Be body positive … amplify your unique beauty!"

Cherlynn Conetsco has extensive experience in curriculum design and development, course coordination and evaluation, and survey methodology. Business trips have taken her to more than twenty-five countries for first-hand cross-cultural awareness. Retired from Public Service, she continues to ease her corporate, diplomatic, and private clients’ transition from one milieu to another, one culture to another, and from one set of responsibilities to another, thus contributing immensely to their social and professional success.

Alinda Lewris possesses an inborn flair for flawless image, color and design coupled with the ability to implement visions for herself and sophisticated others. In an effort to absorb and to be continually inspired by striking men and women (regardless of age) who impart exactly how to be irresistible for the rest of their lives*, she has studied at such higher level learning establishments as Harvard University and has traveled and conducted private research in the following 10 (out of the 2012 top 30) leading fashion cities in the world:

Ranking #1 London, England
Ranking #2 New York, United States
Ranking #4 Paris, France
Ranking #5 Madrid, Spain
Ranking #6 Rome, Italy
Ranking #9 Los Angeles, United States
Ranking #10 Antwerp, Belgium
Ranking #16 Florence, Italy
Ranking #24 Las Vegas, Nevada
Ranking #27 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alinda Lewris takes great pride in on-going education and, as a result, is pleased to state that she has traveled and conducted private research in the following 20 (out of the top 50) 2013 Global Fashion Capital’s of the World:


Ranking #1 New York | the Big Apple is back on top of the fashion world.
Ranking #2 Paris | top Global Fashion Capital for Haute Couture.
Ranking #3 London | secure in its place in the top echelon for global fashion.
Ranking #4 Los Angeles | Tinsel Town in the Top Four is perhaps a result of the melding of the Red Carpet, the Industry (film, of course), and West Coast cool.
Ranking #6 Rome | may have Seven Hills but Italy now has Three Fashion Capitals … Lewris is revisiting Italy summer 2014.
Ranking #9 Antwerp | reverberations of the avant garde continues into the 21st century.
Ranking #13 Florence | Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, a proud heritage to a thriving fashion industry.
Ranking #14 Madrid | still strong in 2013,  further cementing its place among the elite Fashion Capitals.
Ranking #19 Miami | is, indeed, more than swim wear; and the fashion world apparently recognizes it. 
Ranking #25 Dallas | the Big D is now the top US regional Fashion Capital. 
Ranking #29 Chicago | continues to reach out as a global fashion contender.
Ranking #32 Toronto | makes a major move to take the lead in Canada.
Ranking #33 Vancouver | VanCity is developing its own, distinctive fashion sense, finding admirers the world over.
Ranking #34 Las Vegas | is attempting to build a brand-new fashion infrastructure.
Ranking #35 Amsterdam | creative impulses continue to flow outward from the Netherlands.
Ranking #40 Boston | brings a classic sense of traditional American design with flashes of innovation.
Ranking #42 Houston | one of the three Texas cities to emerge in recent years.
Ranking #46 Atlanta | is now the Fashion Capital, as well as the Capital of the New South.
Ranking #48 Montreal | an Old World presence in a thriving New World metropolis.
Ranking #50 San Francisco | continues to thrive as one of the two centers of outre (and odd) fashion in the US.

Information obtained from the Global Language Monitor | February 2014



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