Letitia Baldrige & Alinda Lewris

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

~ Nelson Mandela


Master Class: Civility | Essential Do's & Taboos | International Protocol

YES!  B & L has the reputation for setting high expectations for its participants.  Our Executive Education programs demand a great deal from all certified instructors who deliver the programs and the individuals who take them.  B & L programs are open to all professionals; however, one must be willing to accept the challenge to take their careers to the next level.  Participants can expect to return to their work environments with fresh ideas, revitalized business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the issues we all are facing in the current economic climate.

WHAT SETS US APART:  B & L maintains an Education Review Board and an Independent Education Oversight Committee that is profoundly committed to increasing the success of all program participants.  In addition, B & L seeks guidance from industry experts, interviews leaders and executives of Fortune 500 companies, surveys protocol professionals, and obtains advice from prominent PhDs and Masters degree holders in education.

The B & L ADVANTAGE also includes:

Executive Education researched and developed by professionals who collectively represent more than 100 years of civility, country-specific do's & taboos, etiquette, and international protocol expertise

Curriculum approved by PhDs and Masters degree holders with experience in course design/survey methodology

Instruction presented by authorities on White House protocol, business/government/military protocol, diplomacy, customs, executive etiquette, and civility

Cross-cultural studies offered by seasoned professionals who have been assigned to diplomatic missions and/or traveled for business extensively in more than 100 countries

Program located in the heart of Washington DC --- the nation's capital --- affording opportunities for off-site 'self-directed' cross-cultural field studies

Distinguished world leaders and corporate executives share wisdom with B & L to help maintain program relevance and strengthen international relations

WHO IS RIGHT FOR THE PROGRAM:  B & L programs are open to ALL.  Our programs are designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals, regardless of their varied positions.  We provide a dynamic environment for all professionals, executives, and scholars from around the world.   B & L Executive Education is also appropriate for anyone contemplating a return to the workforce, and/or for the currently employed who seek the skills, vision and strategy to facilitate professional growth.

METHODS OF INSTRUCTION:  Case Studies, Lecture, Small Group Discussions, Role Play, Written Reports detailing Cross Cultural Field Trip(s)

YOUR COURSE OF STUDY:  During our intensive immersion program, B & L authorized instructors guide participants through a variety of industry related concepts and scenarios, such as:  business, diplomatic, government, and international protocol; leadership skills, emotional/ social intelligence, best practices in global ethics and civility; greetings, influential representation at high echelon business events, executive hosting, boardroom etiquette, and disABILITY etiquette; multicultural awareness, cross-cultural simulation, essential do's and taboos; event planning, security, and facilitation; and the B & L International Executive Dining Practicum (World's Most Lavish Dining Tutorial).

B & L MASTER CLASS:  Civility | Essential Do's & Taboos | International Protocol.  This program is designed to take the professional beyond the basics of civility, country-specific do's & taboos, and international protocol.  The B & L learning modules immerse high achievers in advanced-level experiences to promote professional, intellectual, and personal development.  This program strives to elevate your leadership skills and document your professional proficiency insuring that you will be even more indispensable when partnering with supervisors.  We bring to the forefront various components of your job description, align and enhance them, and help you achieve a new level of recognition and status.  This comprehensive program also includes the following exclusive:

ESSENTIAL DO'S & TABOOS:  A B & L exclusive program co-designed by Alinda Lewris and Cherlynn Conetsco and authorized/approved by Roger E. Axtell, the bestselling author of ten books, including the most recent Essential Do's and Taboos:  The Complete Guide to International Business and Leisure Travel.  Do's & Taboos modules feature essentials of international protocol, etiquette, and civility; fresh options in face-to-face and electronic communication; universal, multicultural practices and specific overviews of popular country locations; business and social entertaining norms; and practical, fascinating, culture-savvy, up-to-date advice to avoid faux pas and face the world with confidence.


B & L has the energy and determination to offer compelling and innovative education, providing professionals an unparalleled opportunity to secure the most relevant and practical education available.  Our programs are developed with the intent of providing skills that have been identified as critical for today's global effective leaders.

LASTING VALUE:  B & L's Executive Education offers the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND LASTING VALUE to enrich professional careers.  Each EDUCATIONAL MODULE is keyed to one or more of the following outcomes:

Learn to appreciate the scope and complexity of civility and international protocol 

Learn how the practice of civility and international protocol evolve and interact to achieve objectives and facilitate professional growth 

Sharpen leadership skills and interpersonal skills (emotional/social intelligence), and enhance collaborative skills by working creatively to influence group processes and dynamics 

Broaden perspective and enhance vision to formulate effective job strategies 

Develop cutting-edge approaches to recognize new opportunities in the global marketplace and to capitalize on them 

Energize your business repertoire with current practical business/ government/ military and international protocol information

EARN THE DESIGNATION:  Your investment also includes a formal B & L Executive Education Certificate reading:  A graduate of the Baldrige & Lewris MASTER CLASS:  Civility | Essential Do's & Taboos | International Protocol