Letitia Baldrige & Alinda Lewris

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

~ Thoreau, 1817 - 1862

LESSONS FOR LIFE!  See:  Master Class

BALDRIGE & LEWRIS is a business with international alliances and resources worldwide. Our cutting-edge programs are offered in Washington, District of Columbia, the nation's capital. All of our venues have prestigious addresses just minutes from the White House and the U.S. Department of State, the Monuments and Memorials, the U.S. Capitol and Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court. As recognized authorities, Cherlynn Conetsco and Alinda Lewris provide a learning atmosphere unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Baldrige & Lewris is the first choice for business leaders, diplomats, and professionals when they require responsive individual services or advanced educational opportunities in social skills. To succeed in today's global environment you would do well to master such skills as sophisticated hosting and courteous guest relations, handling sensitive information and delicate social situations, and modeling cultured and graceful dining behavior.

Baldrige & Lewris offers educational experiences that are fun and richly rewarding. Invest in our private consultations and/or our exclusive programs, for example: The World's Most Lavish Dining Practicum™. We invite you to experience unique opportunities where learning is intense but sumptuously decadent.

Baldrige & Lewris uses its training and consulting services to offer professionals the opportunity to sharpen skills, increase knowledge, and improve performance. Honoring the legacy of Letitia Baldrige, Alinda Lewris and Cherlynn Conetsco continue providing business acumen that clients' trust for refining their professional success. All training materials are original works which are constantly updated to include leading industry expertise, expanded to reflect today's high-speed lifestyles, cultural changes, technological advancements, and shifting values.

Listed below are a few private briefing examples. All confidential consultations are customized to meet client-specific goals.


Program Designer/Creator: Alinda Lewris and Cherlynn Conetsco
Authorized/Approved: Roger E. Axtell, one of the twenty-five most influential people in international trade ~ World Trade Magazine

Country-Specific Do's & Taboos is designed for all professionals. The curriculum framework is primarily based on Roger E. Axtell's best selling Do's and Taboos books which have helped hundreds of thousands of business executives and tourists avoid the misstep and misunderstandings the world traveler can encounter. All Baldrige & Lewris programs have been thoroughly revitalized in 2013 to reflect the most current 'country culture information' available and incorporate the experiences of distinguished world executives who have lived, worked, traveled, and trained in more than 100 countries.

Program features:
~information on customs, international protocol, etiquette, and body language
~fresh advice regarding internet business and communication options
~country-specifics on popular locations from England, France, Japan, and Germany to new destinations and emerging economies like India, China, Russia, and Mexico
~guidance on hosting international visitors
~important tips on using English around the world
~special do's and taboos for traveling abroad
~and more!

Whether you need to know the best time of year to set up a business meeting in Germany or why the O.K. sign is not O.K. in Brazil, you will find practical, fascinating, culture-savvy, up-to-date advice to help you steer clear of faux pas and face the world with confidence.

See: Roger E. Axtell

SCIENCE OF IMAGE and all things proper

Understanding the components of a sharp professional presence, for example:

~ Mastering International Business Protocol and Personal Diplomacy
~ Increased Self-Confidence through Advanced Leadership Skills and Non-verbal Communication
~ Entertaining: Conquering the Fear
~ Conversation: Spiced with Imagination and Controlled by Intellect
~ Professional Presence: Mirror Truths
~ Building a Proper Wardrobe
~ and more!

For those who desire private instruction and value confidentiality from experienced business leaders, Baldrige & Lewris offers VIP Private Consulting. This is an exclusive opportunity to receive the guidance you need in a personalized format. The focus is on you and your specific goals. To learn more, please see: Contact Us


FINE-TUNING is a one-day session that outlines confident leadership behavior and smart manners essential for success in the workplace. This is a modern program formatted in six consecutive one-hour learning modules and was inspired by Letitia Baldrige extraordinary background in diplomacy and business as well as anecdotes about dealing with international leaders.

Sample of Course Content:

1. The components of a sharp professional presence, including: smart business manners, good voice, refined language, face-to-face conversation, the personal letter vs. E-mail, and a review of instant messaging etiquette.

2. The importance of civility, social intelligence, and global ethics in our lives, whether we are running a company or multi-tasking career, family, and civic projects
3. The advantages of working as a team -- the value of connections
4. The necessity of knowing “what’s up” in business, national and foreign affairs
5. The power and flexibility of entertaining - at any hour – anywhere
6. The logic of understanding international business protocol
7. and more

The underlying philosophy is learning how to 'connect' with one another. This has domestic, as well as international ramifications.

Entertaining Lavishly or Penuriously - But Always With Good Taste!

A wide menu of options, including:
~ Business Entertaining: Understanding Deference, Making Introductions, and Socializing with VIPS
~ Mastering International Dining Skills
~ Host, Co-host, and Guest Responsibilities
~ American and International Styles of Dining
~ Four Styles of Service: à l' Américain, à l' Anglasie, à la Française, and à la Russe Formal

~ Toasting
~ Dining Protocol, Etiquette and Civility
~ Dine with Passion and Imagination
~ Eating Secrets: More Than Just Table Manners

Cherlynn Conetsco and Alinda Lewris first presented the World's Most Lavish Dining Practicum™ during the 2007 Executive Education/Leadership Conference presented by the International Association of Protocol Consultants®/Officers™ (IAPC). This intensive but lavish learning event featured a seven-course presentation in the White House Style created in collaboration with the White House Culinary Team. Our experiential table etiquette provides a deeper understanding of high echelon events giving participants confidence in their technical competence.

~ The Willard Inter-Continental Hotel | Crystal Room | Pennsylvania Avenue | Washington DC - where some of the world's highest-ranking dignitaries have dined. For example, Calvin Coolidge's Presidency began at The Willard.

Upon request, this executive-level program can be modified to accommodate private consultations and/or small groups.