Ten years ago a view of the protocol and etiquette industry would have revealed the lack of a common arena where practitioners in the field could congregate, exchange ideas, and have a forum for their voices.  The International Association of Protocol Consultants® / Officers (IAPC) was founded in September 2002 as a non-profit 501(c)6 organization to address this frequently expressed need and to provide a third-party / peer reviewed education for all professionals interested in civility, country-specific do's & taboos, and protocol.  We are pleased to report that with the help of those who gave of their time and talent, IAPC achieved all goals set forth by our founding Board of Directors, along with Alinda Lewris' own initial objectives in establishing this organization.

A brief look back illuminates some of what IAPC achieved, for example:

  • Convening a first-ever Washington DC conference that brought together the leading industry icons, acclaimed authors, global professionals from Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, and sole proprietorships whose daily lives are geared to the protocol and etiquette industry
  • Earning the designation as the official protocol and continuing education advisors to the Joint Military Attaché School, US Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Attaining third-party membership approval by the Convention Industry Council
  • Building a global executive membership roster of professionals from Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, the U.S. Department of State, and the executive offices of The White House
  • Developing an IAPC exclusive program co-designed by Alinda Lewris & Cherlynn Conetsco authorized/approved by Roger E. Axtell, the bestselling author of ten books, including the most recent Essential Do's and Taboos:  The Complete Guide to International Business and Leisure Travel.  See: Roger E. Axtell
  • Setting new standards of excellence in Executive Education programs for Civility | Essential Do's & Taboos | International Protocol
  • and more!

Through the development and public offerings of executive education conferences and the generous dissemination of information regarding university-level programs, international standards, and professional certification in protocol, IAPC served the interested public and thousands of global professionals who are experienced producers and/or directors of events involving world leaders, heads of state, foreign dignitaries, and corporate executives. Some have worked directly with United States Presidents, White House officials, the U.S. State Department, and other countries' government representatives.

TODAY, our most dedicated founding members and authorized instructors are under contract to either teach at the university-level or author separate protocol and etiquette works and industry related materials.  In addition, key IAPC officers have developed, together with industry icons, advanced programs in protocol and civility, leadership training, and SMART manners.  These programs are requested by universities and private businesses, including members of Fortune 500 Global corporations.

We wish to thank the many individuals, companies, and organizations who stepped forward, sponsored, volunteered and/or participated in industry specific research to help establish IAPC as an international resource for Academia, Executives, Corporations/Organizations, Government, and National/International Media seeking reliable information on Protocol, Etiquette, and Civility. Many protocol organizations compliment us by regularly emulating IAPC standards and following approaches that we developed. We are proud of the impact IAPC made.

From it's inception, IAPC has been highly praised by industry icons for its globally experienced faculty, higher level education, resources, and contacts. IAPC elevated industry standards by delivering distinctive learning opportunities, memorable conferences, and personalized programs to a worldwide executive membership roster.  Like any organization that seeks to build on its accomplishments and evolve to a higher level consistent with its core philosophy and principles, in 2010 IAPC embraced a proactive role in the current national discussion concerning civility.  By doing so, IAPC's membership roster leaped and ultimately included member representation from more than 100 countries.

To all who have been a part of and supported IAPC, and to all who may be visiting our B & L Web site for the first time, please join us as we strive to promote the same high standards of excellence through our educational offerings.  See:  Master Class

With kind regards,

Alinda Lewris & 
Cherlynn Conetsco


"I have seen many conferences and seminars over the years, but the ones produced by Alinda Lewris for IAPC are absolutely terrific!  It would make an excellent case study for business students, because she does it right. ... She not only persuaded well-known, prominent people to address her seminar participants, she kept the pace up - no boring, lagging parts on the agenda.  I am in awe of Ms. Lewris!"


Letitia Baldrige, See:  Letitia Baldrige


"What a fabulous idea of Alinda Lewris!  She set out to round up those of us who call "etiquette" our life work and passion - and she managed to do just that!  I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet the others in the field of manners.  We had a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other and to share ideas in a friendly and inclusive forum.  I look forward to future gatherings, and send my sincere thanks to Alinda and her IAPC associates."


Peggy Post, Director, The Emily Post Institute


"Alinda Lewris - What a privilege it was being part of the IAPC event!  Bringing together the most prestigious voices in the field of etiquette today was a memorable accomplishment.  I want to believe that the industry will take to heart your message of inclusion.  And I hope that IAPC will grow and prosper with you at the helm for many years to come."


Dr. P.M. Forni, Founder of The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University


"Alinda, It was a personal and professional thrill to meet so many protocol experts at your conference.  IAPC has crossed new borders by promoting an "all inclusive community" and elevating the professionalism of Protocol."


Roger E. Axtell, See:  Roger E. Axtell

"IAPC proved in its first year how an idea can gain worldwide recognition.  Within months of being launched the association took hold - the appeal of being a member grabbed the imagination of businesses, military, and government whose representatives embraced IAPC.  IAPC's instant popularity was due in large part to filling a void for all professionals interested in the advanced studies of civility, country-specific do's & taboos, and international protocol.

IAPC's success is an example of how one business concept can start a positive reaction that flourishes and expands rapidly."

IAPC Founding Board Of Directors & Executive Oversight Committee